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  • "Who Majors in Philosophy and Why (or Why Not)?" (with Sara Aronowitz)

  • APA Good Practices Guide (co-author) 

  • APA Task Force on Inclusion and Diversity Report (co-author) 


  • University of Michigan Rackham Graduate School

  • "This Is What Philosophy Looks Like" 

  • Yale-NUS Centre for Teaching and Learning

  • APA Member Interview

  • Philosopher's Eye

  • 3:16 The End Times (formerly 3:AM Magazine)

  • The Leora Letter 

Leaf Pattern Design


  • "Three Studies That No Moral Philosopher Should Ignore" - The Brains Blog

  • "Working for a Cause: The Political Integrity of Ella Baker" - Philosopher

  • "Bias, Structure, and Injustice" - Imperfect Cognitions

  • Discussion of "What is My Role in Changing the System?" at PEA Soup 


Black Cat 2
  • Yale-NUS College Gender Research Cluster 

  • Responsibility and Solidarity For Our Times 

  • Huron Valley Labor & Community Solidarity

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